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Yes, AL-Qatami Fire Fighting offer delivery service for all areas of Kuwait.

AL-Qatami Fire Fighting recommend an annual maintenance service for your fire extinguishers.

Yes, AL-Qatami Fire Fighting provide the service of taking the extinguisher from your home to the workshop for maintenance and return it back to you. To request this service, please contact us through the phone number 24922722

Yes, AL-Qatami Fire Fighting sends engineers and specialists in the field of fire alarm systems to provide the best services available in this field.

In the event of a fire, please contact the emergency number 112.

Yes, Al Qatami Fire Company provides maintenance service for firefighting systems in institutions, factories, commercial centers, residential buildings and hospitals.

Yes, all of AL-Qatami Fire Fighting security and safety products are approved by the KUWAIT FIRE FORCE.

Yes, you can visit AL-Qatami Fire Fighting showroom in Shuwaikh - Canada Dry Street next to the Kuwait Spare Parts Company, between 8 am to 4 pm to receive your order.

AL-Qatami Fire Fighting recommend using a dry powder fire extinguisher (4 kg) for the home, as it works on all types of fires.

Yes, when using incense, the smoke detector sounds the fire alarm when smoke is sensed.

We sell fire extinguishers through our website or showroom

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