9 L Fire Extinguisher

8.000 KD



9 L Fire Extinguisher


  • This 9 L Fire Extinguisher is suitable for Fires involving organic solid materials such as wood, cloth, paper, plastics, coal etc.
  • It perfect for use in the home, office, vehicles, boats and many commercial and industrial applications.
  • All extinguishers are fully re-chargeable, and serviceable and come complete with mounting brackets.
  • All our fire extinguishers are approved by Kuwait fire department.
  • Fire department inspection sticker and certificate can be provided upon customer request.


  • Stored pressure – Easy low cost maintenance.
  • Controlled discharge.

How to Use

  • Point the jet or discharge horn at the base of the flames and, with a rapid sweeping motion, drive the fire towards the far edge until all the flames are out.
  • wait until the air clears and if you can still see the flames, attack the fire again.


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